About Bad Idea

Born at 8,750 feet in Telluride, Colorado. Bad Idea, where we're all about turning daring aspirations into unforgettable outdoor experiences! Our journey began in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, where fearless spirit met a love for the great outdoors, resulting in a brand that defies the ordinary, welcomes calculated risk, and embodies the essence of living life to the fullest. Where bad ideas become rad ideas, every day. 


Our Origin: Defying the Norm

Bad Idea was born out of a daring act of rebellion. Avid outdoor enthusiasts tired of the same well-trodden paths, we found ourselves facing a homemade "No Entry" sign blocking access to a hidden ski trail. A bit rocky, relatively safe, and very much in plain sight of the ski lift, it taunted us. The allure of the "forbidden" and the thrill of adventure ignited a spark within, and with the resounding question of "why not?" echoing in our minds every time we lapped the lift, we ventured forth, pushing past that foreboding sign and venturing into uncharted territory. That exhilarating first exploration of the rocky run inspired the idea for a brand that celebrates audacity and adventure – Bad Idea.


The Bad Idea Philosophy

At Bad Idea, we don't just pursue the thrill of the unknown; we make it our mission. We believe that some of life's most extraordinary experiences are born from those 'bad ideas' that challenge the ordinary. We embody the spirit of pushing boundaries, embracing risk, and crafting unforgettable memories in the process. We're all about living life to the fullest and inspiring others to do the same.

So, why not take that Bad Idea outside today? Embrace the thrill, defy the norm, and make your run something to share on the lift for years to come.